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Fire protection
where it counts
Control hazards before they get out of hand with a self-contained fire detection and suppression unit, designed to protect a rack mount server cabinet.
  • Rack mount fire
    suppression system

    Keep your premises safe from the damaging effects of fire hazards by installing the Honeywell rack mount fire suppression system. It provides an environmental friendly solution with a volume coverage from 1.5 m3 to 3 m3 racks and cross zone smoke detection, to help reduce the risk of electrical fires.

  • 24x7 monitoring

    Fire safety with 24x7 monitoring and control with an alarm / fault circuits
  • Rack safety

    DIY rack suppression unit with a safe clean agent for PCBs
  • Smart Protection

    It completes the modular offering for smart cabinet racks for the rack manufacturer
  • Display

    LCD display, open door alarm and a visual alarm with fault status indications and a 24 hour battery backup
  • Certification

    CE Certification and BMS integration through relay contacts

Product Offering

The ideal fire protection solution for your premises
Eliminate the threat to business continuity by protecting the most valuable assets with the Honeywell
rack mount fire suppression system – ideal for IT server racks and smart server cabinet racks.
One product, many applications
Data Center
Electrical and Electronic Cabinets
Transformer Cabinets
Telecom Centres
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The Honeywell promise: best-in-class engineering and design for comprehensive, clean fire safety


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